Standard Accounts

Standard Accounts 8.2

Simple yet powerful accounting software that covers all needs of your business

Free Business Accounting software for every type of business

Over and above the free functionality you can Increase your functionality with:

• Automated Accounting


• Quotations

• Sales Orders

• Inventory

• Tags / Objects

• Sales Tax / VAT Zones

• Document Number Series

• Price Lists

• Account Reconciliation

• And many more …

Full support for Multi-Currency, Multi-Language and Sales Tax / VAT Zones.


Get a secure real-time overview of your business from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Create an invoice and make payments on the go.

Control Your Costs

Expand or scale down at any time ensuring you only pay for what you actually use.


Multi-Language and Multi-Currency enable you to do business across borders with ease.


Our consistent approach ensures a simple and familiar user experience throughout the software.

Standard Accounts


Standard Accounts 8.2

User reviews about Standard Accounts

  • tjtomuk

    by tjtomuk

    "good for basic accounting, all needed modules are in, can expand buy subscr"

    all in all good program for accounting, worth downloading, no adds, malware.   More.